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Arena Info - FAQ's

Click on a question, or the maximize icon ( Open Icon ), to reveal an answer. To hide an answer click on the minimize icon( Close Icon ). If you have any questions that are not listed below, or need additional information, please contact us.
What is Ticketmaster’s phone number?
(800) 745-3000
Do I still have to pay a service fee if I come directly to the Arena to purchase tickets?

Yes, you will have to pay a small fee per ticket.

Please note, the Royal Farms Arena Box Office only sells tickets for Royal Farms Arena events. For tickets for events at other venues, please go directly to Ticketmaster or the venue where the event will be held.

How are the seats in the Arena lettered/numbered?
Floor seats are A-Z then AA-HH. Lower level seats are AA-BB then A-M. In any section of the Arena, if you are sitting in your seat, seat # 1 is always on the right and depending on the section the other end seat would be #14, 17, or 11.
What time can I enter the building for an event?
The lobby normally opens two hours prior to each event.  Patrons enter our “doors” to locate their seats approximately one hour prior to each event.
Where is guest services located?
The guest services booth is located on the Baltimore Street side behind Section 227. We encourage our patrons to visit Guest Services immediately to take care of any concerns.
Where are the ATMs located?
There is are 2 ATM machines located on the main concourse of the building and 1 on the lower concourse outside of the Executive Office. In addition, there is an ATM machine located outside on Baltimore Street. Guests can use that ATM prior to entering the building.
Are camera’s permitted inside the Arena?
The general building policy is that professional cameras, video cameras, and detachable lenses are not permitted. However, some shows may allow personal, standard 35mm cameras or disposable cameras. It is best to call the Arena the day of the event at 410-347-2020 to find each show’s exact camera policy.
How can I get backstage passes?
The Arena does not have access to backstage passes for any event.
What is the smoking policy?

Under Maryland State law, smoking is not permitted in the Arena. This includes any type of smoking (not limited to tobacco products), i.e. tobacco cigarettes & cigars, e-cigarettes, herbal smoking, etc.

There are designated smoking areas located outside on the East side of the building (odd number section side). Please see an usher or a guard to assist you to the smoking section.

There will be no re-entry into the Arena from any other outside area.

What are the Box Office hours?

The Royal Farms Arena Box Office is open Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hours on Saturdays and holidays will vary, please call in advance to determine if the Box Office will be open. The Box Office is open two hours before and closes one hour after each event begins.

Please note, the Royal Farms Arena Box Office only sells tickets for Royal Farms Arena events. For tickets for events at other venues, please go directly to Ticketmaster or the venue where the event will be held.

Where are the Box Office and Will Call windows located?
The Box Office and Will Call windows are located on the Hopkins Pl. side of the building. To pick up tickets at Will Call, photo ID is required. If you need to change the name on the Will Call order, please call the Box Office.
What methods of payment does the Box Office accept?

The Box Office accepts cash and credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).

Please note, the Royal Farms Box Office only sells tickets for Royal Farms Arena events. For tickets for events at other venues, please go directly to Ticketmaster or the venue where the event will be held.

When can I pick up my tickets from Will Call?
All tickets purchased and left at Will Call are available for pickup two hours prior to the start of the event. You must present a valid photo I.D. in order to pick up tickets. All Will Call tickets must be in the name of the ticket purchaser or recipient. If you have tickets at Will Call and you send someone else to claim them, we ask that you call the Box Office in advance to change the name. This is for our guests’ protection. Without proper identification, you may not claim your tickets. When picking up tickets purchased through Ticketmaster (on-line and by phone) you MUST bring a photo I.D. and the original credit card used for the purchase.
How do I redeem my coupon or voucher ticket?
Coupons and vouchers must be redeemed at the Arena Box Office. For information on what your coupon or voucher entails, please read the coupon or voucher carefully.
How do I purchase accessible seating?
Accessible seats can be purchased by calling 410-347-2020 or e-mailing us at
What sections of the Arena have accessibility seating?
Accessible seating is located on the left-side facing the stage in sections 103 and 115, and on the right-side in sections 104 and 116.
Where is accessible parking located?

Accessible parking can be found on every level of the Arena garage. Please not, this garage is NOT owned or operated by the Arena. To contact the garage call 410-837-2060

Where is the Royal Farms Arena parking garage located?

The parking garage is attached to the Arena. The entrance to the garage is located on Howard St.

Please note, the garage attached to the Arena is NOT owned or operated by the Royal Farms Arena.  To contact the garage call 410-837-2060.

If I have a question or concern regarding the Arena parking garage, who should I contact?
The garage attached to the Arena is a city owned parking facility. The Arena does not have control over the cost to park, parking availability, length of time spent in the garage, etc. If you have questions or concerns about the garage, please contact them directly at 410-83-.2060.
How do I purchase group tickets?
Group discounts are available for most family shows and some concerts via Simply Tixs. For information and to purchase group tickets call 410-347-2006 or visit
Does my child need a ticket?

For ALL concerts, patrons of all ages need a ticket.

Please call us at 410-347-2020 regarding the rules for family shows.

I have tickets to an event that was cancelled, what can I do?
Tickets for cancelled shows should be returned to the original point of purchase for a refund. Tickets purchased through or by phone with Ticketmaster will automatically be refunded.
I did not buy my tickets through Ticketmaster or the Royal Farms Arena Box Office, can I still be refunded?

No, the Arena is unable to refund any tickets purchased from any vendor or secondary ticket broker other than the Arena Box Office or Ticketmaster. No exceptions.

PASS IT ON: Ticketmaster ( is the OFFICIAL TICKETING PROVIDER for Royal Farms Arena. Tickets purchased from other sources may be 1) more expensive, 2) invalid and 3) ineligible for assistance. Royal Farms Arena is not responsible for tickets purchased from other sources.

What is the closest hotel to the Royal Farms Arena?
There are several hotels in the general vicinity of the Arena that are within walking distance. Please go to the Hotels page for more information.
Why is it the Arena policy to remove bottle tops from soft drinks and water?
We wish to provide a safe environment for all guests. Often when bottle tops are discarded they land on our stairs and walkways; thus creating a safety hazard.
Does the Arena donate to charities?
Yes, the Royal Farms Arena believes in supporting our community. To request tickets for a charitable donation, please send a formal request on letterhead to the Royal Farms Arena Marketing/Public Relations Department. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to donate to each charity.
Does the Arena have suites?

You can now enjoy the Royal Farms Arena’s calendar of world class events from our brand new Suites! It’s the perfect way to entertain current & future clients, reward outstanding employees, or celebrate a special occasion with close friends - all in a private & relaxed environment.

Suites feature first-class amenities, comfortable furnishings & personal service. All suite rentals include:

  • 12 tickets to the event
  • A private restroom
  • Wet bar & refrigerator
  • Personal Suite Attendant (optional)

For more information, pricing & availability, please contact Royal Farms Arena Premium Seating at


How far away is the Arena from the Inner Harbor?
Not far at all! The Arena is about 3 blocks away, and you can easily get there by walking.
Do you have a lost and found?
Yes, if you think you may have accidentally left something at the Arena, please call us immediately and ask to speak to someone in the Lost and Found.
Who is SMG?
SMG is a Philadelphia based private management company that runs the Royal Farms Arena. SMG is the world leader in management of public facilities such as arenas, stadiums, theaters, and convention centers. Visit for more information.
What if I print more than one copy of my TicketFast® ticket or a photocopy has been made?
Only the first scan of the barcode on the ticket will be allowed entry. Make sure you keep the printed ticket in a safe place, and protect it just like you would any other ticket! If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned, and the second ticket will not be allowed to go to the seats. This issue most often arises when patron's purchase tickets from third party ticket brokers. The Arena always advises patrons to only purchase their tickets from the Royal Farms Arena box office or from Ticketmaster.